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Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center is a facility of Palatine Park District, an Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation Employer. All positions are governed under Park District Operating Policy.

Positions may require specials skills, applied background, and/or education. Employment opportunity may require verification and/or a criminal background check. Some positions may require a drug and/or alcohol test, physical, back evaluation/lift test, and/or other screenings or tests.

Theatre Facility Attendant

Part-Time Position


Under the direction of the Theatre Coordinator, the Facility Attendant shall: complete their assigned duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities; assess and implement Park District and general public needs; follow and promote all safety procedures and be mindful of the best interests of the Palatine Park District, fellow employees, and patrons.

The Facility Attendant position is in the Facilities Department. The following duties and required knowledge are typical for Theatre Facility Attendant:

  • Responsible for the consistent data entry processing of all daily and other needed reports in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner.
  • Consistently accurately answer general public inquiries in person or via the telephone concerning all Park District performing venue programs and activities.
  • Monitor the facility per operations and execute the opening, ongoing, and closing procedures.
  • Monitor entire facility and execute tasks for custodial duties.
  • Monitor and execute tasks, including, but not limited to the organization, safety, and daily custodial duties for the Scene Shop, any other storage areas, or other related areas.
  • Unlock and lock exterior facility doors and rooms within facility.
  • Execute basic set-ups.
  • Assist Technicians with set-ups, where necessary.
  • Maintain a neat and orderly work environment.
  • Maintain and execute any Sign-In/Sign Out, Shift Reports, and Hourly logs.
  • Maintain any daily paperwork or computer files and tasks, and others as assigned.
  • Successfully troubleshoot and effectively resolve participant concerns with directive from Theatre Coordinator.
  • Effectively communicate building supply needs with Theatre Coordinator.
  • Maintain and update Cutting Hall literature racks, along with flyers for the general public.
  • Provide internal customer service to Park District program instructors.
  • Effectively communicate and efficiently work with all facility staff including, but not limited to, Theatre Coordinator, Technicians, Box Office Staff, and other Facility Attendant staff.
  • Equivalent to the completion of the 10th grade. High School diploma, preferred.
  • Two (2) years’ experience in related field preferred.

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Employment SSCI Background Screening Application

All employees, regardless of the position held, are required by law through the Uniform Conviction Information Act (20 ILCS 2635/1) to successfully complete a criminal background check as a pre-employment requirement (Administrative Policy and Procedures, 2.15.1).